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Smart Home Appliances

The Best Benefits of Smart Home Appliances

Here are just a few benefits of smart home appliances that are worth getting excited about. Energy Insights These days, pretty much all smart appliances are going to be energy efficient, which means they’re good for the environment ...

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How To Stage A Luxurious Bathroom

Take these essential steps to stage a luxurious bathroom… Fresh Towels & Mats Keep an assortment of neatly folded towels on display, along with a clean bath mat. Aromatic Appeal Candles or essential oils will be sure to gr...

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How to design an upscale wine room

How To Design An Upscale Wine Room For Your Home

How To Design An Upscale Wine Room For Your Home A wine room is an elegant space that starts conversations, can be the centerpiece for social gatherings, and adds an extra touch of luxury to your living space. In recent years, these rooms ha...

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Selling Your House Quickly

3 Keys To Selling Your Home Quickly

Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? The real estate market is changing and its important to take the right steps to put your home in position to sell quickly. Here are 3 keys to selling your home quickly. Proper Acces...

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting with Bloom Painting Company

Kitchen Cabinet Painting with Bloom Painting Company Kitchen cabinet painting can be a great way to refresh your kitchen without breaking the budget. However, if the proper steps aren't taken, painted cabinets can look cheap and will not las...

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Broker Open House

Marketing Minute: Broker Open House

Marketing Your Broomfield Home: Broker Open House Getting feedback right away when your home hits the market is a valuable tool. That is why I like to host a Broker Open the day your home is listed to get this feedback from agents in my offi...

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Marketing Minute 5280 Magazine

Marketing Minute: 5280 Magazine

Marketing Minute: 5280 Magazine 5280 magazine is one of the most recognizable publications in Colorado with thousands of monthly subscribers. Because of the magazines content it is read and kept by the majority of people who often refer back...

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Denver MLS Systems

Marketing Minute: Denver MLS Systems

Marketing Minute Denver MLS Did you know there are two Denver MLS Metro systems and the majority of agents only subscribe to one of them? This means many of the homes are only seen by a percentage of agents in the area. By listing with me yo...

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Home seller web presence

Marketing Minute: Home Seller Web Presence

Marketing Minute: Home Seller Web Presence Home seller web presence is critical because in a digital age the majority of homebuyers begin their search online and it's important your home is prominently featured on some of the top real estate...

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Reverse prospect search

Marketing Minute: Reverse Prospect Search

Marketing Minute: Reverse Prospect Search Hundreds of homes hit the market every week and its important for agents to know your home has just been listed. I make it easy with a reverse prospect search in our MLS systems that provides me with...

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